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When buying from Chinese-based website or from offline Manufacturers, note that you can’t buy directly from the manufacturer supplier because they don’t ship out side china to foreign buyers and most of the seller can’t communicate in English language. At Cedar Global our procurement freight services is well structured to assist you when intending to buy from this Chinese-based websites, we will help purchase from this website and ship to you in Nigeria. You can only access this Chinese website smoothly by using google chrome for its English translation. You search the website and copy the your link of the products you want to buy and send to us with all the details description of the goods you want to buy such as(color, size number of pieces etc.. Once your order links is being sent to us, Cedar Global will contact the Manufacturers/sellers and letting you know the total amount due and give you payment instruction as at the current exchange rate of Dollar($)-Naira(#), Yaun(¥)-Naira(#). Cedar Global will confirm money credited to us through your payment of proof, then we proceed to get in touch and purchase the goods from the manufacturers/sellers and have them sent to our warehouse in China, mostly goods take within the range of 1-3 days or more to arrive at our warehouse in China due to distance location and how swift the manufacturers/seller can arrange the goods on time. As soonest as all your goods arrived at our warehouse we proceed to weigh the goods in total and notify you the shipping cost base on the shipping method you prefer and all goods will be ship international to our Lagos office where you come for pickup and payment of shipping cost will be fulfill.